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Just a little peak at some of the things that happen behind the scenes at Artmos Films. The continent of Africa have a lot of untold stories, for instance Love, Crime, Fiction, and Horror. In addition, stay posted for our stories in many forms like films, music videos, animation, poetry, and life changing events.   

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Music Montage (Cold Killers)

Sacrificial giving is giving beyond our means. Therefore, taking without asking shall lead to someone becoming a living sacrifice in a pool of blood (Cold Killing). Artmos Films tells a story of a young man “Mizo” who find himself trapped in the reality of African custom. This goes eye for an eye, “G” and “Soulcazner” are hungry to set an example on “Mizo”.

The Night killer Soulcazner
G killer who is the lead actor
The Victim who stole the wallet and got killed

Music Montage (Untitled Memories)

“I love you, until death do us part”, the audience is put to a test. When two brothers are out to kill for love, and a young child is left to witness it all first sight. Artmos Films is at it again to tell a story without any spoken word. The Music Montage is staged in a rural Mount Ayliff village called Sugarbush. Where siblings are fighting over a mysterious girl, of love triangle and all three of them are in the hands of death.

The Younger brother who stole his older brothers Girlfriend and was burnt as the result
The Burnt up younger brother up for revenge
The Older brother who burnt his brother in a fight about a girl
The younger girl who spotted the burning of Nerdy

Short Film (Lenyalo) – Coming Soon

In a small village of Matatiele, Khubetswana a young man comes back from the mines to take home a wife. In order, for him to be recognised and respected within the community. Artmos Films is well know for telling deep story of love. Moreover starring inexperienced individuals to get the most of the story being told. Artmos Films finds the pleasure in delaying the action until the end of the film.

Thato collecting his bride to be
A respectful bride in basotho attire
Traditional Scene of Basotho
Overlooking his herds before lobola negotiations
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